Speaker Agenda

All presentations take place in the centre of the main Roundhouse


Reyad Abdulqader, Business Development Manager, 3M

Title:  ‘Heat Transfer Fluids Benefits and Design Considerations”



Stephen Pell, Head of Rolling Stock Engineering, SNC Lavalin

Title: Testing In Rail – From Design to Decommissioning; How data is shaping decisions



Keith Gallant, Vibration Analyst, RMS – Reliability Maintenance Solutions Ltd

Title: Visualising Vibration – A ‘Gamechanger’ for Troubleshooting, Diagnostics and RCA



Neill Forrest, Senior Engineering Fellow – Verification, Test & Measurement, Rolls-Royce,

Title: “It’s all about the data” – the challenges of testing jet engines



Robert Prior, Marketing Manager, Carbolite Gero

Title: Heat Treatment of SLM Additive Manufactured Part



Joao Gandra, Senior Project Leader – Friction and Forge Processing at TWI

Title: “Friction Stir Channelling: A leaner method of manufacturing heat exchangers”



Tim Telford, Hardware Director, Devtank

Title: “Open source Test & Measurement – How to save money and accelerate your product development”



Dr Christopher Pilgrim, Sensor Coating Systems

Title: “Thermal History Coating & Paint – Measuring the past to shape the future”